OnDemand Switch Radware Alteon 4408-1GB /ODS-VL/6GE+2SFP/DUAL/4GB/HDD/ROHS 19010011
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OnDemand Switch Radware Alteon 4408-1GB /ODS-VL/6GE+2SFP/DUAL/4GB/HDD/ROHS 19010011


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OnDemand Switch Radware Alteon 4408-1GB /ODS-VL/6GE+2SFP/DUAL/4GB/HDD/ROHS 19010011

OnDemand Switch Radware Alteon 4408-1GB /ODS-VL/6GE+2SFP/DUAL/4GB/HDD/ROHS 19010011


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Features and Benefits:

Alteon NG enables application delivery networking by providing safe and efficient distribution of business-critical applications across your company's network. Alteon NG is well suited for environments with growing SSL offloading needs.

Service Availability
Separate vADC per Application/Service
  • Complete isolation between virtual ADC (vADC) instances at the network, fault and configuration levels
  • Full resource reservation
  • Next-generation services can be enabled without impacting the performance of other service applications
Smart Health Monitoring and Failure Detection
  • Quickly identifies failures at any point along the application or transaction path and reacts proactively
  • Hundreds of pre-defined health checks are instantly accessible (after installation), ensuring quick server/application availability and lowering total cost of ownership
Stateful Persistency
  • Prevents application session disruptions
  • Ensures transaction completion
Device Redundancy: Active-Active, Active-Backup or Active-Standby
  • Prevents the introduction of a single point of failure
  • Seamless device redundancy with VRRP support
  • Protects hardware investment and lowers total cost of ownership
Real-time Traffic Redirection
  • Automatically redirects traffic to best available instances, servers and farms in the data center or between redundant sites for optimal user experience
  • Optimizes the use of existing applications and server resources and cost effectively scales resources, fully protecting server investment
  • IPv6 network support
Global Load Balancing
  • Guarantees transaction completion and fast response times across multiple data centers to support business continuity and disaster recovery plans
Performance Acceleration
Faster Web Application Response Time
  • FastView web performance optimization – integrating the most advanced Web acceleration technology in the industry
  • Optimized acceleration per any browser and end-user device
  • Up to 40% response time reduction for increased conversion rates, revenues and productivity
  • Reduced total transferred content size through content compression
Optimized IT Infrastructure Through Server Offloading
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) offloading
  • TCP connections multiplexing
  • Content caching - for both static and dynamic content - both at the browser and on the ADC, servicing user requests faster.
Bandwidth Management and Traffic-Shaping Capabilities
  • Aligns bandwidth usage to meet business objectives
  • Provides administrators with the necessary tools to streamline enforcement of bandwidth management policies
  • Guarantees bandwidth allocation for latency-sensitive and mission-critical applications, as well as premium users, through the use of QoS algorithms
Application Performance Monitoring (APM)
  • Real-time tracking of application SLA
  • Measure real user transactions including errors
  • Out-of-the-box solution, embedded with the ADC, no scripting nor installations.
  • Tracking SLA by location, user, application and transaction type
ADC Infrastructure and Application Visibility
  • Real-time management dashboard which continuously monitors and displays application delivery services & system status, network and application performance & faults and more – allowing fast, efficient incident resolution
  • Cross-ADC historical reports delivering better capacity planning across the entire ADC infrastructure
  • Drilldown-able reports enabling efficient ADC infrastructure utilization trend analysis
Unique Attack Mitigation Architecture
  • Accurate attack detection – based on traffic parameters (bandwidth, PPS, CPS, CEC) and ADC health parameters (CPU utilization, network tables capacity)
  • Signaling attack information to Radware DefensePipe cloud service and Radware DefensePro data center attack mitigator
  • Efficient attack mitigation at the most appropriate location – including network perimeter and in the cloud
A DoS Based Signature Technology
  • Real-time network attack prevention protecting application infrastructure against network & application downtime, application vulnerability exploitation, malware spread, information theft and more
  • Protects against known and emerging network attacks
Best Application Security Protection Solution
  • Ensures SLA through resource reservation and fault isolation for WAF services
  • Seamless scalability and provisioning AppWall modules
  • Best security coverage - covering over 150 different attack vectors
  • Continuous attack visibility through advanced security graphical reports
  • Risk Free Implementation – with out-of-path and inline deployment modes
  • Easy to maintain throughout the application lifecycle - auto-detection of web application changes
  • Lowest false positive and false negative rates
  • Shortest time to protection
Safer, simpler application access security through Alteon's integrated Authentication Gateway
  • Simplify user experience through automatic authentication and login transactions detection
  • Refine security policies with geo-location and/or role based  context
  • Seamlessly collect accounting and auditing
Application Delivery
Breakthrough Performance
  • Application delivery performance leadership at all throughput levels
  • State-of-the-art hardware architecture
On-demand Throughput and Service Scalability
  • On demand scaling up - adding more throughput, services and vADCs with no hardware modifications
  • On demand scaling out-of-the-box – by leveraging external, extensible resource pool (such as server infrastructure) for computational intensive NG services
Best Investment Protection
  • Eliminates forklift upgrades – project costs associated with testing, staging, reinstalling and debugging are removed
  • Hassle-free upgrade – configuration changes are not required during upgrade, resulting in no downtime
  • Extends project life span – use of same platform significantly lowers total cost of ownership
Operations Simplicity
  • Simplified application operation with AppShape technology which allows to manage the ADC from an application viewpoint
    • Pre-defined ADC configuration templates for fast application roll-out and optimized application performance
    • Out of the box application specific reports, logging and compliance
  • Separate vADC per Application approach enabling fast, simple application provisioning using the same ADC hardware
  • Centralized management of up to 1000 ADC services with APSolute Vision
Layer 4-7 Programmability
  • Minimize application changes while enabling flexible per application traffic redirection and content modification through AppShape++ user defined scripts
  • Script library for per application extended functionality scripts, enabling fast and optimized script deployment based on product expert validated scripts
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